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Outdoor Projector Enclosure

 outdoor projector enclosure

Cheap outdoor projector enclosure manufacture, free shipping USA and Europe. The waterproof projector box and protecting outside projector case  is designed for extreme temperatures and conjointly providing weatherproofing, security additionally. It comes as customary with a classy heated and smart temperature cooling systems. This projector box meet the rugged weatherproof IP65 projector enclosure requirements that's ideal for both indoor and outside applications.

Now, the projector can used for everywhere including outdoors and some of the harshest conditions on earth. The projectors are full of sensitive electronic devices, and their design is not affected by weather conditions when you use the kinytech outdoor projector box, such as rain, heat, snow, sleet, hail, humidity, and many other environmental issues related to outdoor activities.

We have 4 different types outdoor project enclosure, also can supply any size outdoor projector box & case. Please download the datasheet from here Datasheet

Model Size Max Projector Size(inch) Max Projector Size(mm)
PE-S Small projector enclosure 17.1(W)x 15.7(D)x 6.1(H) 435(W)x400(D)x155(H)
PE-M Medium projector enclosure 18.3(W)x 21.9(D)x6.9(H) 465(W)x555(D)x175(H)
PE-L Large projector enclosure 23.6(W)x 24. 4(D)x 8.66(H) 600(W)x620(D)x220(H)
PE-U Ultra Short Throw projector enclosure 22.8(W)x 24.4(D)x 7.67(H) 580(W)x620(D)x195(H)

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outdoor projector enclosure

Waterproof Projector Box

  • Prevent the projector from overheating
  • Intelligent cooling and filtering system
  • Allows you to put the projector safely in a harsh environment
  • Outdoor projector housing for all environments
  • 99% safety and anti-UV protection windows
  • Hinged door/access panel for projector channel
  • Security lock

The projector box maximizes the life of the projector! By using a waterproof projector enclosure to protect your projector, you will extend the life of the equipment and significantly reduce maintenance costs. It is designed to protect your projector from harmful elements such as dust, smoke, heat, cold, and moisture. The regulated environment created by each housing reduces the overall operating temperature, thereby extending the life of the bulb and reducing the risk of electrical components in use. We can create a customized projector enclosure to meet your specific needs and requirements, and even meet the strictest NEMA standards for waterproof and dustproof. We provide projector housings for indoor, outdoor, industrial, commercial, residential, food and beverage, and many other unique environments. At the same time, according to the use environment can also choose standard refrigeration and air conditioning, remote monitoring, internal heating and other functions.

The projector housing has a fully automatic heat dissipation device, and its forced ventilation function operates when the projector lamp lights or the temperature inside the housing exceeds 30°C. When the projector is in standby, all intake and exhaust channels are automatically closed to minimize the entry of external moisture, dust, or hot air. The projector is in working state. When the cooling fan starts, the inlet and exhaust ports of the channel automatically open, effectively removing the heat inside the box. There are special waterproof interfaces on the outside of the projection box, and the connection between the inside and outside joints is sealed to prevent moisture from entering. Connector specifications can be customized according to user requirements.

The thermal insulation layer inside the projector box provides additional daytime protection under the hot sun. Its electrostatic precipitator can be removed and cleaned when needed. It is standard VESA mounted and also suspended from the top or bottom. This product is a good choice for: amusement park applications, universities, outdoor shopping malls, municipal projectors. Kinytech provides suitable solutions for your professional audiovisual equipment. Waterproof projector enclosure installation to ensure high performance and durability. This rugged design uses materials and technology to resist weather damage. A high level of weather resistance is essential for outdoor enclosures, and an excellent heat dissipation control system can provide perfect ventilation and heat dissipation for your projector even when used at high intensity. Keeping your projector case in the best condition forever, its advantages also include providing enough space for the player to place the device, allowing users to open the projector door through the key and other anti-theft functions, which means you can guarantee the safety of the device.

If you are placing the TV and projector equipment outside or in any harsh application environment, our support staff will provide you with a specific solution. Outdoor waterproof grade IP54, secondary lightning protection, insect protection, dustproof, intelligent real-time temperature and humidity monitoring, automatic temperature and humidity control. The powerful heat dissipation system can automatically dissipate heat when the projector is running. During the daily standby process, the system automatically monitors the temperature and humidity in the box. The temperature or humidity is higher than the predetermined value. The heat dissipation device operates normally and stops to save power.

The outdoor waterproof and dustproof waterproof projector box can protect your projector in other harmful environments, including dust, smoke, heat, cold, and humidity. Your new projector housing can extend the life of the lamp many times over the published ratings. Our system reduces the overall operating temperature and protects your bulb from the potentially damaging atmosphere. By using a projector enclosure to protect your projector investment, you will extend its service life and significantly reduce maintenance costs. At the same time, we can also customize the outdoor projector shell for your organization. The standard shell is made of steel with epoxy paint finish to prevent corrosion. As with all Kinytech waterproof enclosures, you can choose different colors and various optional features. High-end technology is accompanied by value-added services for every product from start to finish, loyal to its mission as a leading supplier of high-quality projector housings and mounting systems. Put the projector where you shouldn’t or can’t put it before. Open outdoor large-screen theaters on pool decks, terraces, restaurants, nightclubs and community events to open projects and additional sources of income. Projectors let you display more than traditional flat screens Technology has been made more, bigger and cheaper; fortunately, with the advancement of technologies such as environmentally friendly outdoor projector housings, all these problems and more have been solved; if you need to think about unimaginable things, we just need A phone call can help you find a solution to your specific needs. Then let it rain-our shell and provide you with enough protection.

Small outdoor projector enclosure

This small type outdoor projector enclosure is designed for the projector dimension less than 435(W)x400(D)x155(H) mm. The weatherproof projector cage provides the water, rain and impact protection for your projector.

Quick Specs Overview:

  • Maximum Projector dimensions (mm)
    Width (435) x Depth (400) x Height (155)
  • Outside dimensions (mm)
    Width (480) x Depth (435) x Height (200)
  • WEIGHT: 8.6 kg

Medium outdoor projector enclosure

This medium type waterproof projector box is designed for lprojector dimension less than 465(W)x555(D)x175(H) mm. The weatherproof projector cage provides the water, rain and impact protection for your projector.

Quick Specs Overview:

  • Maximum Projector dimensions (mm)
    Width (465) x Depth (555) x Height (175)
  • Enclosure Outside dimensions (mm)
    Width (510) x Depth (595) x Height (220)
  • WEIGHT: 10.8 kg

Large outdoor projector enclosure

This large type outdoor projector box is designed for projector dimension less than 600(W)x620(D)x220(H)mm. The weatherproof projector cage provides the water, rain and impact protection for your projector.

Quick Specs Overview:

  • Maximum Projector dimensions (mm)
    Width (600) x Depth (620) x Height (220)
  • Outside dimensions (mm)
    Width (660) x Depth (675) x Height (260)
  • WEIGHT: 15.5 kg

Ultra short throw projector enclosure

This (UST) Ultra short throw outdoor projector box is designed for projector dimension less than 580(W)x620(D)x195(H) mm. The weatherproof projector cage provides the water, rain and impact protection for your projector.

Quick Specs Overview:

  • Maximum Projector dimensions (mm)
    Width (580) x Depth (620) x Height (195)
  • Outside dimensions (mm)
    Width (660) x Depth (675) x Height (260)
  • WEIGHT: 15.5 kg

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