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Outdoor LCD Display

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Outdoor lcd displays are available in a wide range of sizes and aspect ratios. With high brightness for sunlight readability, outdoor lcd digital signage, ip65 rated high brightness screens for outdoor use. Commercial grade sun readable hd displays for 24/7 outdoor applications, outdoor & window digital signage solutions offer outdoor & window signage, video walls and monitors. Browse high-quality outdoor digital signage solutions for effective, professional ultra-high brightness lcd. With a brightness rating of 2,500 nits this display features an led back light for incredible, digital outdoor displays provide strategic, turnkey public display solutions. There are many considerations for outdoor lcd displays that aren't often discussed in the early stages of a digital signage project, but they really should, market leader in the design and manufacture of digital outdoor lcd display solutions used in public venues for advertising and wayfinding. All weather outdoor lcd monitors are ideal for a variety of applications including digital signage, weather or other public information displays.

Model size IP Class Brightness Resolution Dimension (cm) Weight (kg)
OD-42L 42" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 98x57x12 35
OD-46L 46" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 103x66x15 42
OD-55L 55" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 123x82x15 62
OD-65L 65" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 158x96x15 78

Outdoor digital signage in floor standing portrait type

Model Size IP Class Brightness Resolution Dimension (cm) Weight (kg)
OD-42F 42" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 185x70x20 125
OD-46F 46" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 195X76X20 136
OD-55F 55" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 195x84x15 155
OD-65F 65" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 195x95x15 175
OD-70F 70" IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 230x105x20 205

Outdoor LCD Video Wall

Model Size IP Class Brightness Resolution Dimension (cm) Weight (kg)
OD-46- 2x2 46 2x2 IP65 500~2500nits 1920x1080 250x235x40 160
  • Note1: Operating Temperature: -20°~+50°
  • Note2: For full specifications & pictures & prices - Contact Us Now!

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outdoor tv enclosure

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Large waterproof TV Custom

The waterproof TV and display for custom-made. It is suitable for using in the luxury hotel, bathroom, shower room, sauna room swimming pool, kitchen etc.

  • LCD Size: 10.4” to 65"
  • Waterproof IP65 or IP68
  • Dimension:Max 250mm*250mm mirror Glass
  • OSD Menu: Multilingual OSD (maximum up to 8 languages)
  • Ultra slim infra-red waterproof remote control
  • Light induce touch key controlling
  • Power supply: 100-220VAC

Waterproof lcd display price list manufacturer

Waterproof lcd display is the same as waterproof LCD TVs, and have the same functions of waterproof and dust-proof, only the inputs source is a bit different, as DVI,VGA,AV inputs, but no RF(TV inputs). Compact and fashionable design, you also can choose the optional Waterproof Speakers Special waterproof structure IP65 .Waterproof LCD display price and Specification with touch buttons and speaker inside

Outdoor digital signage

All weather outdoor digital signages, waterproof, high contrast, high brightness,the image shows more clear, the color is more saturated,improved image layer greatly, better show details. Outdoor digital signage technology is the most effective promotional medium for rich, dynamic content display in outdoor environments.

outdoor digital signage display and enclosure

outdoor digital signage display and enclosure technology advances, tastes and expectations of travelers and freight forwarders also increase. Travelers are expecting more involvement through instant alerts and up-to-date information. On the other hand, shippers and facility operators are constantly seeking to reduce costs, rationalize maintenance costs, and provide accurate, real-time information to travelers.

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