Outdoor TV

Outdoor TV

The outdoor TVs have begun to appear in our field of vision recently, breaking the previous pattern that TVs can only be placed indoors. Most outdoor TVs tend to be bulky and expensive.

Kintyech wants to change that, with its shallow design, IP55 water and dust resistance rating, 2,000 nits high brightness so it can be seen even in daylight, and a QLED 4K display that delivers great performance. As an outdoor TV, in order to adapt to changes in various outdoor weather conditions, it often has more requirements in technology and configuration than our common home TVs.

What kind of TV can work under the sun and rain outdoors? With 4K resolution ultra-wide color gamut built-in tempered screen, metal integrated IP66 protective body, etc., integrates outdoor display screen and top flagship smart TV entertainment system, redefines the outdoor audio and video flagship system.

Outdoor TV

5 types outdoor weatherproof TV

Models Size Resolution Inputs Voltage Weight
OT-32 32″ 2K TV / HDMI x2 100~240V 18kg
OT-43 43″ 4k TV / HDMI x2 100~240V 26kg
OT-55 55″ 4K TV / HDMI x2 100~240V 35kg
OT-65 65″ 4K TV / HDMI x2 100~240V 48kg
OE-75 75″ 4K TV / HDMI x2 100~240V 65kg


$ 399

Weatherproof outdoor TV

It can be seen that, to be used as an outdoor TV, it must first be able to cope with various climate changes throughout the day. Kinytech Outdoor TV is an outdoor device specially designed for outdoor environment, which integrates commercial and leisure use. We have 5 types TVs, 32 inches, 43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches. To save money, we also offer the cheap solutions outdoor TV Enclosure.

waterproof outside

DIY outdoor TV

We do not recommend the normal home use TV face the threat of sunlight outdoors. (In the shadow area is o)k. In the case of sufficient sunlight, the diffuse reflection of sunlight by environmental objects will inevitably cause trouble for our viewing. And if it is a professional outdoor TV or display product, the screen brightness is high enough. Generally, the peak brightness of professional outdoor TV reaches 2000 nits, then our viewing time will be limited, because at this time our naked eyes are as uncomfortable as being interrogated.

Nowadays, many TVs use metal frames or bases for indoor beauty, and some hard polymer materials are also polished to a metal-like texture, but these designs will form reflected light into the naked eye in strong light outdoors, which will affect our viewing. . There are many TV brands imitating the approach of smartphones and offering products with ultra-high "screen-to-body ratio", which may bring relief to this trouble, if it does not fall off on its own like the screen of a certain brand of TV.

Temperature and Humidity Control

The normal working environment temperature of ordinary TV products is in the range of 0℃-40℃; the normal working environment humidity is in the range of 30%-80%. If it is indoors, these two needs are easily satisfied, and it covers the comfort boundaries of human perception. If it is outdoors, the environmental conditions may get out of control. Taking our most common LCD TV as an example, the screen color output requires the rotation of liquid crystal molecules to achieve.

Dust, water, or insects

The challenges of outdoor applications definitely take into account dust, liquids, summer-specific insects, and more. Ordinary TVs are not designed and manufactured with IP55 or even IP68 as the safety standard, so the safety of the outdoor environment is no longer reliable.p

Best outdoor TV features

 outdoor TV

1. Slim and tough shell body: In order to cope with outdoor environmental factors, it provides K10 AR anti-reflection tempered glass, IP66 protection level, and comprehensively protects the safety of the equipment.
2. 4K wide color gamut screen, full of finesse: 4K wide color gamut screen, super wide color gamut of picture levels and details to create stunning picture quality, the picture is smoother, the details are more obvious, the sense of layering is stronger, let You are immersed in wonderful visual enjoyment.
3. Full sunlight readable 2000nits brightness back lighting, output to ensure excellent contrast in different scenes.
4. High-brush technology, capture the fleeting moment: support 60HZ ultra-high motion compensation, intense dynamic scenes are naturally smooth and close in front of you.
5. Intelligent temperature control: The outdoor TV is equipped with a new wind control cooling system. When the temperature is too high, it will automatically dissipate heat to achieve effective over-temperature protection; in the case of low temperature, the outdoor TV will automatically heat up to prevent the working temperature from being too low. damage to the TV.

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