outdoor tv enclosure

Outdoor TV enclosure is the best solution for your TVs if you've ever dreamed of mounting a TV outside. Now you can, our certified IP outdoor TV cabinet offer the ultimate standard in environmental protection for LCD TVs. It are triple powder coated with no exposed metals, also secure your TVs by using 2 x independent dual security locks, and poly-carbonate front anti-reflective tempered glass. The outdoor TV enclosure is designed and engineered in china, to suit our tough environmental conditions. The smart design packs the enclosure full of the features needed to keep your TV display safe and secure, but keeps the overall dimensions slim and compact.

Outdoor TV cabinet features:

  1. Waterproof rubber grommet system for cable entries
  2. Anti reflective and UV protected glass panel Or Acrylic panel
  3. Dual security locks
  4. Automatic temperature control system
  5. IP65 and interchangeable
  6. Heaters for optional 

We have two types outdoor TV enclosure

  • A. Cheap model ------------- cheap type outdoor tv enclosure. (Cheap outdoor TV enclosure with very simple functions and low price.)
  • B. Expensive model -------- high-end outdoor tv enclosure. (The high-end type outdoor TV enclosure with more functions then the stand type outdoor TV box. We can supply many optional functions according to your requirement, anti-reflective, multi-touch,strong & safety, all weather ip65)
If you need the portrait or floor standing monitor/display enclosure for commercial use? Please check the "outdoor lcd enclosure".

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