Compare the DeerTV, The TV shield, Apollo TV and storm shell

Compare the DeerTV, The TV shield, Apollo TV and storm shell

From the above datasheet, it is clearly show the DeerTV enclosure is much better as the TV shield enclosures.

Brand DeerTV Kinytech TV shield / Storm shell Apollo
Steel Construction,Strong enough Yes Yes No.It is plastic Yes
Strong safety glass front screen Yes Yes No.It is acrylic Yes
Optically anti-reflective safety glass No Yes No No
Double Sealed waterproof design Yes Yes No No
Key Lock(s) System Yes Yes Yes No
Unti-UV Powder Paint Coating Yes Yes No Yes
Easy installation, No Drilling Required Yes Yes No, install very complex Yes
Inside TV thickness adjustment system No Yes No Yes
Filtered Ventilation System Yes Yes No Yes
Cooling system Yes Yes(*) No Yes
With Power board(strip) No No No No
Plug & Play design Yes Yes No Yes

 outdoor TV case

what difference between the outdoor TV enclosure and LCD enclosure?

The TV enclosure only include the landscape type, but the LCD enclosure include the landscape & portrait & Floor standing type. The TV enclosure mainly used for home, but the LCD enclosure mainly used commercial, with the stronger cooling system than the normal  TV enclosure, that can install the high brightness screen.

The Outdoor LCD enclosure  have been designed to fulfill all the needs of outdoor advertisement. It is clearly readable from all different angels in any lighting conditions, and it is suitable for all the extreme environments. Infrared Induction switch is used on our products to manage the intelligent control system for energy saving. With the anti-theft brackets, our products can be located anywhere you need advertising. There will be no more worries about outdoor advertisement if  it is involved in.


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