Outdoor TV enclosure FAQs

Outdoor TV enclosure FAQs

12 months,A warranty begins when you purchase an item from a dealer, either from a store or online. All warranties must be handled through the store or company online from whom the item was bought.

Outdoor TV enclosure extremely popular due both to their elegantly thin designs and waterproof, usually used for bathroom. Outdoor TVs advantages include wide viewing angles, a bright picture that can overcome room lights or daylight and outdoor viewable.

For a sample,we can deliver to you next day if we have stocks. Shipping time 3~7 days by fedex/ups. If you have an order outstanding and need to know when it will arrive exactly please give us a call and we will let you know.

The Outdoor TV enclosures internal circuitry are coated with a special silicone-based solution that prevents internal moisture from shorting out the internal circuitry. TV case have CE and ROHS certificates and fit with all EU regulation around using electrical goods in wet zones. We provide a 240V to 12V transformer and the TV itself is only 12v.

Weatherproof TV enclosure comes with a standard 12 months warranty. If there is a problem please send the TV back to us (if you are struggling give us a call and we will help) and we will attempt a repair, if we can’t fix it we will send you a brand new one.

The normal working environment temperature of ordinary TV products is in the range of 5℃-40℃; the normal working environment humidity is in the range of 30%-80%.

If it is indoors, these two needs are easily satisfied, and it covers the comfort boundaries of human perception. If it is outdoors, the environmental conditions may get out of control. Taking our most common LCD TV as an example, the screen color output requires the rotation of liquid crystal molecules to achieve. If the temperature is too low, the flexibility of the liquid molecules will be reduced, so that Affect the normal display effect. Otherwise if the temperature is too high, it will bring challenges to the heat dissipation of the body, and the possible failures will greatly increase. If the humidity is too low, it will cause static electricity and burden the circuit; if the humidity is too high, it will cause problems in electronic components and materials, and also shorten the life of the TV.

Ordinary TVs come outdoors and face the threat of sunlight. Even if we arrange the TV in the shadow of the back light, in the case of sufficient sunlight, the diffuse reflection of sunlight by environmental objects will inevitably cause trouble for our viewing. And if it is a professional outdoor TV or display product, the screen brightness is high enough, and the professional outdoor TV brightness reaches 2000nit, then our viewing time will be limited, because at this time our naked eyes are as uncomfortable as being interrogated.

The challenges of outdoor TV enclosure applications definitely take into account dust, liquids, summer-specific insects, and more. Ordinary TVs are not designed and manufactured with IP55 or even IP68 as the safety standard, so the safety of the outdoor environment is no longer reliable.

Nowadays, many TVs use metal frames or bases for indoor beauty, and some hard polymer materials are also polished to a metal-like texture, but these designs will form reflected light into the naked eye in h3 light outdoors, which will affect our viewing. . There are many TV brands imitating the approach of smartphones and offering products with ultra-high “screen-to-body ratio”, which may bring relief to this trouble, if it does not fall off on its own like the screen of a certain brand of TV.

We provide free online design services if you are searching for a particular style or size. Our design team can also advise on your needs, including the best products to satisfy any individual requirements.

What Are Outdoor TV Enclosures

The Outdoor TV case allows you to enjoy the outdoors without missing your favorite shows. We manufacture our the TV cases from the finest materials with a focus on quality and longevity. They are sure to match your needs with various shapes and sizes.


The best outdoor TV enclosure stand are available in a variety of features, including:

Rubber Grommet System for Cable Entries

These outdoor TV stands have a waterproof rubber grommet system that makes cable entry easy. This lets you hide your cables inside the stand, so a waterproof grommet seal protects them. You can then conceal the cables inside the stand without worrying about damaging your walls, floors, or carpets.

Triple Powder Coated

These outdoor TV enclosures are triple powder coated to provide a durable, long-lasting finish. They also have no exposed components, so you do not have to worry about wiring or brackets showing through the design. It helps make our exterior TV cases truly hidden entertainment centers for your home.

Waterproof TV Enclosure for Outdoor

This outdoor TV enclosure provides superior protection from the elements. It features a water-resistant PVC skirt to keep moisture out so you can enjoy your favorite shows no matter the weather. This also makes it perfect as an entertainment center for patios, balconies, and gardens. You can even use it to display your cable boxes or satellite receivers in trees and walls outside your home.


Two independent dual security locks secure this outdoor TV case with keys. These locks are designed to be very secure and keep unwanted intruders away while protecting your valuables. You can lock our keyed locks one at a time, or both of them can be locked simultaneously, allowing you to prevent the possibility of an undesired guest being in your home.

Sliding Cabinet Doors With Lock and Key

This outdoor tv box is designed with sliding cabinet doors with a sturdy lock to keep unwanted intruders out. The door can be locked using the keyed lock and key, and you can use both the upper and lower doors in conjunction with each other. This allows you to store your cables inside the stand while protecting them from water damage.

Automatic Temperature Control System

This enclosure has an automatic temperature control system that lets you control the temperature of your entertainment settings. The system is designed to monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures and automatically adjust the settings to ensure that your television is at the ideal temperatures. You can also set the system to open or shut the doors using a timer, which means they will open or close, depending on your schedule.

IP65 and Interchangeable

IP65 means it is protected from total dust ingress and protected from water jets from any direction. It is fully interchangeable, which means you can use it outdoors or indoors, depending on the weather conditions, without affecting its functionality.

Optional Heating Systems

This outdoor TV enclosure has optional heating systems designed to keep your home warm when the temperatures drop outside. These heater systems come in different sizes, so you can choose one that fits perfectly inside the stand. The heaters also come with thermostats so that you can control them and various features and benefits, including durability and comfort.


They are great for many applications, including:

Family Applications

They are ideal for homeowners who want to provide their families with a safe and entertaining place to watch TV while still being able to use the outside space of their homes. These enclosures are great for weather-related activities such as gardening, decorating, and entertaining friends.

Leisure Applications

They are great for those who want to spend more time outdoors and enjoy a homemade barbecue in their backyard or patio. They are also perfect for people who want to use the outside space of their homes to watch movies at the poolside. You can let children watch movies and play games outdoors. Adults can also watch sports games by the swimming pool and enjoy leisure time.

Retail Applications

They are great for shops, restaurants, and cafes. It is also a good choice for bars and pubs. You can display your favorite drinks on the shelves while keeping everything neat with concealed wires behind the drawers.

Office Applications

These enclosures are great for offices and commercial buildings. They come in various styles and colors to suit your workplace’s needs, and place them at the front of your business if you want to attract customers. They may even come in handy as an escape area at work or as an extra waiting room.

Commercial Applications

These enclosures are great for commercial or leisure areas. They are also suitable for advertising signs and in-store displays to catch your customer’s eyes. They can be used as advertising signs above a shop window or near an entrance to increase the visibility of your business.

Our Advantages

Our units are great because they fit various TV sizes and can accommodate both flat and curved TVs. The large internal shelf provides you with space to store electronic devices, video games, food items, and more. It is manufactured from high-quality material, which will help protect the electronics within from any damage during harsh weather conditions.

1. OEM Service

We have been manufacturing premium outdoor TV enclosures since 2010. We know what it takes to produce a quality product so that we can produce customized products for you. Our products are designed and manufactured in-house, ensuring you get only the best. We can work with you to bring your ideas to life with efficient and effective solutions.

2. Factory Direct Sales

You can buy our products directly from our factory at competitive prices. We will handle the shipping and delivery of your product, so you don’t have to do anything except pay for it. Ordering directly from us will save you money and allow us to maintain strict quality control and provide you with professional service.

3. Defect Free

We guarantee that all of our items are free from defects in material and quality under everyday use and for the period stated in the warranty.

4. Free Shipping

We ship directly from our factory to your door, so we can keep the price low. However, if you order multiple items and wish to receive them in different locations at different times, you must specify this when ordering. We will contact you after receiving your order to discuss shipping details.

5. 7-Day Guarantee

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or want to discuss your order in more detail. We will answer any questions you have. If, however, you are not satisfied with our product or service within seven days of receiving the goods, you can return them to us for a full refund.

6. Professionalism

We are committed to providing high-quality products at competitive prices. We have been in the television enclosure industry for over ten years and always endeavor to improve our product and service. As manufacturers, we know what it takes to run a successful business so that we can offer you professional service, including on-time delivery, professional packaging, easy payment options, and an outstanding warranty period. We are ready to help you with any inquiries you may have.

7. Solid Reputation

We have a solid reputation built over the years with customers who return repeatedly. We enjoy repeat business because we endeavor to provide high-quality products at competitive prices, and our customers know they can count on us to meet their needs.

The otdoor TV box comes in various styles, including ones mounted on trees, walls, or furniture. They come in a variety of types, shapes, and colors. You can also select from various materials and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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