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Enjoy your outdoor & waterproof TV

Put style into your life with this superb digital TV for your home. Completely waterproof and meeting rigorous IP65 standards, this waterproof TV is available in black, silver or mirror finish to enhance your home and your life.

Outdoor Televisions

Outdoor TV Weatherproof LCD Television,Free shipping and more on our Outdoor TV. Our Outdoor Televisions are LCD and completely weatherproof TV. These Outdoor Televisions are impervious to rain, ... backyard stuff outdoor,tv like the PANTEL TV - Ultra Bright Outdoor Flat Screen TVs.  Ultra Bright Outdoor Flat Screen TVs.

IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings

Degrees of Protection Provided by oudoor TV enclosure.

The IP (Ingress Protection) describes of degrees of protection provided by an enclosure of electrical equipment. The rating system consists of the letters IP followed by two numbers.

used outdoor TV & 2nd outdoor TV

Now all that's required is a nice new home for our kinytech used outdoor TV to start all over again but of course at a greatly reduced price.

Used outdoor TV & second hand (2nd) outdoor TV,We can supply the used LCD panel but with new metal housing according your requirements and low price.

Solution for LCD Enclosure Outdoor digital signage totem

Kinytech is one of the World's leading manufacturers of waterproof LCD enclosure range, these outdoor digital signage enclosures provide waterproof and vandal proof protection to outdoor TV's. Our range of display enclosures are supply throughout the world through our various distribution centers strategically placed.

Kinytech 65" outdoor TV enclosure

Maybe you have the experience to watch home TV outside, but general TVs are not suitable to be put outside at all times. The rain, snow or any kind of humidity will damage the TV. Kinytech outdoor TV enclosure is a high-end audio visual product that’s designed dedicatedly for outdoor all-weather environment performance. 

Samsung LCD TV Review

Except for the big-screen and also the lifelike image resolution, you'll find other advantages that a Samsung LCD Television can give. One confident benefit will be the brilliant and crisp image resolution that is close to nothing.

Used outdoor screen & display

The used outdoor display. All our Re-furbished Kinytech outdoor screens are tested & fully serviced & come with a full 1 Years RTB Warranty. We can supply the used screen but with new metal housing according your requirements and low price.

Outdoor TV Cabinet

 Some one is looking for some brainstorming about producing an outdoor TV weather proof cabinet for a Tv. The dimension from the Tv is subject to change, but for currently, I choose to focus on the cabinet itself and climate proofing it. I was thinking of generating some sort of uncomplicated enclosure to place the LCD and also a mount (the variety of mount that you simply can pull the Tv closer to you) within.

Low price lcd enclosure

We have developed an lower price lcd enclosure for local market. The LCD enclosure has been developed through valuable input from mental health facilities to design and build a unit that protects patients from self harm. The low price LCD enclosure is also a preferred design for industrial and food processing facilities with wash down areas.

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