DeerTV launches new outdoor projector enclosure

DeerTV launches new outdoor projector enclosure

DeerTV has been releasing a series of innovative outdoor projector enclosures at least every year, which support about 95 percent of the standard projector size.

outdoor projector enclosure

According the manufacturer, the enclosure units are specifically designed to protect a projector from spraying rain, water, humidity, dust and heat/cold.  It also come with temperature control systems, filtered ventilation, anti-UV protection and strong steel design with anti-theft technology.

The DeerTV weatherproof outdoor enclosures can allow users to watch projector movies in freezing temperatures.

These new projector enclosures are available in the maximum inner dimensions. Their current prices are $549 and $399 respectively. These prices may be subject to change so it would be great for customers to check with the company’s online page before ordering.

These projector enclosures are mounted on a portable stand, which means customers can use them anywhere on the outdoor space. The release of these new outdoor projector enclosures may come as a relief to customers. Who prefer watching movies on a projector over a TV set, more especially on an outdoor setting. With the availability of the large and medium-sized projector enclosures, buyers can now have a variety of choice when it comes to watching movies on the outdoor, holding a large outdoor event and projecting it or sharing live video conferencing sessions with a huge crowd of people. The market is eagerly waiting to see whether there will be any groundbreaking inventions from DeerTv in 2018.

Before purchasing one of the outdoor projector enclosures from DeerTv. While the buyers can feel free to look at the customer reviews and testimonials from clients . With the many reviews already available online, both on the official website and other online platforms. To make even significant savings, customers can visit official website and confirm whether or not the more 50 percent discount on the enclosures still stands. DeerTv provides free shipping to customers based in the US and the larger European region.

More Info About DeerTV

DeerTv focus is to offer consumers television and projector products that offer convenience of use in outdoor applications and locations. For the years the company has been in existence, it has made, and still continues to make, groundbreaking innovations that are meant to improve user experience. Interested customers can find contact details and other additional product info on the company’s official website

DeerTV enclosure which is very popular on the market. It is suitable to many applications and places, such as the conference room, restaurants,classrooms, the bars or small areas and public squares for large activities, watched by thousands of people.

outdoor projector enclosure

Security is one of the critical points for outdoor projector enclosure.

How would you feel when your costly projector is placed to outside without monitor or timely care about?  It is not only waste money, but also time. So the best way to make you rest assure is to buy an projector enclosure from DeerTV. It is with security lock, tamper-proof and unbreakable.

It also has the universal mount system which supports Top/Bottom mount. Meanwhile  it is weatherproof suits in all types of weather and conditions,extreme weather,extreme heat, cold, rain, snow or hail. Because it comes as customary with a classy heated and cooling system. As you know the smart temperature control systems to avoid heat and cool problems.

This is a simple solution as you can make an enclosure which will accommodate your projector screen, you do not need to open the doors when you want to watch it. You prime concern in any projector case should be safety, not only of your projector, but of the family.


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