Applications for projector / tv enclosure,storage server case, rackmount server case products for residential solutions, commercial solutions,professional solutions

Outdoor tv enclosureWeatherproof enclosure to protect the TV or Display.
Outdoor Projector Enclosure Manufacture for indoor & outdoor projector enclosure.
Commercial Display Enclosure Commercial Indoor Outdoor LCD Display & Digital Signage Enclosure.
Outdoor TV & display Waterproof, high brightness, anti-reflective TV display.
Computer Enclosure Industrial computer enclosure is designed for commercial and industrial PC.
Server Chassis, Rack Mount Server Case Server chassis , server case, rackmount case, metal rack mount.

Kinytech designs and develops all kinds of industrial server cases Systems. Our server chassis suit for different kind of industrial control and factory auto nations. Custom solutions are available for different budgets and environments. Custom designs are available to meet the needs of your industry, environment, and project. We provide application specific solutions that can work with your budget for maximum results. Custom solutions are available for all industries, environments, and specific needs. We can design the right display for whatever your commercial requirements.Leading manufacturer of high quality Server Case Application. With the development of society, the application of self-service terminals has become more and more extensive and it has been widely used from bank ATMs, advertising machines, queue calling.

Server chassis solutions

Custom chassis enclosure design & manufacture are in need of a custom chassis, Server, switch, raid while doesn’t exclusively design and produce. We supply the server chassis solutions for OEM & ODM which includes many dominant...

Cyber security server storage chassis solution

With the rapid development of the Internet, data is showing explosive growth at an extraordinary rate. According to statistics from authoritative departments, the total amount of data in China is increasing at an average annual rate...