Server chassis solutions

Server chassis solutions

Custom chassis enclosure design & manufacture are in need of a custom chassis, Server, switch, raid while doesn’t exclusively design and produce. We supply the server chassis solutions for OEM & ODM which includes many dominant size that we’ve designed and produced within the last decade.

Custom server chassis

Industrial rackmount server case solution

Relying on the information physical system, developing innovative manufacturing methods . We adapt to the development scientific and technological innovation , Internet of Things, surveying and mapping, machinery automation and other industries.

Our 4U industrial chassis is manufactured with all molds, which effectively reduces production costs and improves product quality. The chassis is made of 1.2-2.0mm SGCC material, and the outer surface is baked with high temperature, which is wear-resistant and does not foam. It can install standard ATX industrial motherboard, industrial back plane CPU long card, and has strong compatibility. The chassis has high-grade appearance, stable structure and good heat dissipation.

The management platform of the Internet of server case involves intelligent buildings.

 Server Case

Digital Server Case, public safety, industrial automation, supply chain, agriculture, power, finance, military and other fields, allowing everyone to experience the magic of the Internet of Things charm.

We have designed a variety of network server chassis for this large-scale social application. While this product is widely used in smart home, consumer electronics, energy management, health care, industrial automation and other fields. Such as the front panel of this series of products is an aluminum alloy panel, which adopts anodizing technology. It has a stylish and high-grade appearance and is rich in industrial beauty.

Machinery automation rackmount case solution

It has an obvious role in improving production safety, improving production efficiency. To improve product quality and reduce energy consumption, so it is an important to improve the transforming traditional industry to modern industry.

 Rackmount Case

For 4U series industrial control chassis adopts 1.0-2.0mm high-quality SGCC , which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs. At the moment, when the global manufacturing industry started the rack mount case solution. The industrial automation industry will play an important role in the future development of China’s manufacturing industry.




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