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Server Chassis

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No.1 China cheap server chassis manufacturer. What is a server chassis? What is rack mount chassis ? What is data center chassis? What is a chassis in information technology? From 1u to 4u rackmount server chassis, kinytech provide the best solutions and fulfill the most complex requests from different industrial chassis server case rack mount case, metal rack mount computer case with the bays and cooling fans pre-installed. server case or chassis, sata / sas hot-swap drives, cooling fans included metal rack mount server cases.

Server case is an enclosure with standardized dimensions to fit a server rack. The rackmount industrial server chassis are available in a comprehensive range from 1u to 4u cases format. Our chassis are manufactured to the highest quality standards steel. Server chassis is a metal structure that is used to the physically assemble servers in various different form factors. Get the best deals on server chassis when you shop the largest online selection, free shipping to worldwide, the server chassis is available for 1u, 1.5u, 2u, 3u, 4u, 5u. Factory solutions of rack mount server chassis, storage server enclosure, servers racks and build your own custom rack server casess.

Server Case


Whether you manage a small business or a large data center, we have a variety of server chassis options for you to choose from. 19 inch rackmount and blade servers are more suitable for large data centers, because it allows stacking many servers, which saves space, excellent cooling system extends the shelf life of the computer, server chassis is the best long-term investment. Tower server chassis are suitable for companies that only need one or two servers. They offer many upgrade options in a compact size.

The tower server case is compact and easy to use, and the tower server case looks like a desktop computer. For companies that do not have enough space to place server racks, this is a good choice. You can easily tuck the tower server under your desk so that it will not be seen. Such servers are practical and easy to use, but they only provide basic functions. But he is not suitable for the more demanding large companies. Generally speaking, the tower server chassis can accommodate up to six hard drives and two CPU motherboards to increase flexibility.

Rack server chassis is generally used in small and medium-sized data centers. Rack chassis allows your servers to be stacked on each other, making it easier to perform maintenance operations and upgrades. This configuration is usually used to consolidate network resources and minimize the physical space used. At the same time, the server box is designed with a ventilation device, which effectively uses the cooling method to avoid heat accumulation. It is very common in the data center. The rack cabinet can have one or more server units. With the intelligent cable management solution, the data center is very neat. In general, rack servers provide more power than tower servers, supporting multiple CPUs and expansion slots. The rack configuration makes it easier to identify server failures and repair or replace them.

Blade server chassis are generally used in large data centers. They are slimmer, more compact, and take up less space than rack-mounted chassis. Blade servers share hardware components inside the chassis to reduce cable clutter. Blade server chassis support up to four internal hard drives, so you may need an external storage system, and they are often more expensive than rack servers, but they usually provide more powerful computing power and better overall performance.

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