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optical bond & anti-reflective function

Optical Bonding conjointly adds tier of toughness to the bit glass with enlarged shock vibration tolerence also as eliminating the likelihood of condensation or dirt between the bit glass and alphanumeric display surface.

Our highbright alphanumeric display Displays use a mixture of Optical sweetening technologies to boost distinction and clarity for viewing in Daylight and Direct Sunlight:

  • Low Power junction rectifier hind lights
  • Optical Bonding of bit Glass
  • High Bright nit rating to 1200
  • Anti-Reflective Coating

Standard alphanumeric display bit screens have a brightness rating of 200-300 nits and usually use CCFT (cold cathode fluorescent Tube) backlighting. customary LCD's square measure troublesome or not possible to browse in daylight or direct daylight. Even the close lightweight of a cloudy day will create a customary alphanumeric display troublesome to browse. See illustration to right:

LED hind lights square measure a lot of reliable and need less power than CCFT hind lights Our highbright LCD's use junction rectifier hind lights with a nit ( candlepower unit per meter2) brightness rating of 600 to 1200. This 3 to four fold improvement in brightness rating greatly improves the LCD's readability in daylight conditions. The superimposed enhancements of Optical Bonding and Antireflective coatings improves the distinction and clarity any for viewing in Direct daylight.


weatherproof tv enclosure

The weatherproof tv enclosuree, including the horizontal & vertical lcd enclosures for waterproof,IP65,outdoor use.

LCD Enclosures
Enclosures to house your LCD or Plasma screens ranging from 24 to 70 inches. Outdoor lcd display,outdoor digial signage

Waterproof Enclosures
IP65 rated enclosures provide protection in wash down or wet areas

Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure
Floor standing digital enclosures can be used indoors or out

Industrial Computer enclosure
Durable and reliable industrial computers & touch panel PCs

We also can produce the any size according your requirements.The outdoor lcd enclosure are your solution for dynamic digital signs and entertainment displays. If you've ever dreamed of mounting a LCD or digital signage outside, or of bringing your waterproof advertising displays to the next level, now you can. Our certified outdoor waterproof TV enclosure  offer the ultimate standard in environmental protection for sensitive LCDs. Combine your outdoor lcd enclosure with a dedicated wall mount, ceiling mount, TV floor stand, or truss pole mounting assembly. outdoor lcd display enclosure, outdoor digital signager enclosure,Floor stand outdoor lcd display enclosure, portrait outdoor lcd tv enclosure, outdoor digital signager enclosure,all weather tv enclosure,lcd enclosures,outdoor tv enclosure,ip65 enclosure,outdoor lcd tv enclosure.

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outdoor lcd enclosure

Outdoor LCD display for advertising

Outdoor LCD Advertising Digital Signage in Portrait kiosk. All weather sun readable with  antireflective glass, it brings a good visual and auditory enjoyment for outdoor information communication. It's specially designed for outdoor use, excellent outdoor protection performance of IP65 with strong steel structure along with special toughened AR glass. 

Outdoor TV for courtyard

If you're using a outdoor TV made expressly for outdoor use - and we recommend doing just that for safety's sake - you'll forsake some of the newest features like built-in internet connectivity, which gets you online through the outdoor TV. But even if the screen isn't set up to stream movies and shows from your home computer or the internet by itself, there are good options out there.

How to extend our time on the patio with an outdoor version of a home theater. Now it's time to think about how to get all the programs, movies and other content we enjoy outside, too. This isn’t just about the hardware. We live in a world where seamless, wireless streaming entertainment is becoming the norm. Music, photos, games, videos, voice, information - you name it, and we’ve come to expect it whenever and wherever we want.



Applications for projector TV enclosure and rugged industrial LCD monitor products.

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TV enclosures

Blog for outdoor TV enclosure, weatherproof TV enclosure the range from is 32" to 65". We also can produce the any size according your requirements outdoor tv enclosure tv mount weatherproof outdoor tv case and outside tv covers 

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projector enclosures

Kinytech manufactures a range of enclosures, including outdoor projector enclosure, outdoor TV enclosure which is very popular on the market. Projector is suitable to many applications and places, such as the conference room, restaurants,classrooms, the bars or small areas and public squares for large activities, watched by thousands of people. As the images displayed is very clear and large by projector,and no Picture distortion. In a word, the projector could be located in anywhere(outdoors or indoors) most of time without hardware protection. 


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