The best outdoor TV enclosure & cover from china

The best outdoor TV enclosure & cover from china

To replace expensive outdoor TV, the outdoor TV cover & enclosure both the best solution

Put the indoor TV absolutely inside the enclosure, so if rain seeps out, then the enclosure will protect it. The front waterproof door again protect it with metal, and use some joinery to put the two pieces of metal together to keep water out of the door.

While you say you can lining the TV with enclosure.  Also on cold days you need to keep the inside of that at a higher temperature than the outside air If you don’t maintain a higher temperature you will always have some air leaks and condensation. So if you create an enclosure, I would add a seal that is definitely flexible and may compress after you close the front door in the enclosure. I’m going to use anti-glare glass for your front.  I’ll cover the anti-glare glass, so if there’s any light from the case, you won’t be able to see it. Also, you’ll need to provide cable outlets Assemble the back with a ventilated room and drainage if desired. outdoor tv cover

We will provide the best waterproof TV cover to ensure you can do this, watching TV outside is fun in many ways. Where you put it depends entirely on you, but you must make sure it is properly taken care of. More and more people are beginning to have the idea of ​​outdoor TVs.

The best waterproof outdoor TV enclosure will ensure that anything harmful will not touch your TV.

Some can even protect your TV from dust, moisture, bird droppings, windy conditions, extreme sunlight, rain, snow, etc. Even if the weather changes and you are not around, buying one will make you feel relaxed. You spend your hard earned money on anything worth protecting. They are investments that should not be carelessly damaged. That’s why today, we have to talk about outdoor TV covers. We all have different reasons to put the TV outdoors. Some people like to put their house near the swimming pool, while others like the terrace. No matter where you choose, as long as it is outdoors, it must be protected.

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This type enclosure is to protect the TV from all kinds of weather, and let it work in rain, snow and sunny weather. In fact, when the breeze is blowing, the edge of the base will fix the cover, so you do n’t have to worry about the TV, because it looks beautiful and saves money.

By the way, you can easily slide it over your TV rating and stick to it, using a kinytech wall on the foundation and back of the place. It should be emphasized that it can be used in conjunction with 4k, LCD, plasma, led TV. This guard is very suitable for every part of your TV, including outdoor TV installation system, and provides the most decent security for your outdoor TV. It is necessary to say that it is very durable and brighter is that it provides water safety, which is why it is waterproof.

 outdoor tv cover

Protect your TV for outdoor use!

The waterproof, dustproof, and weatherproof metal cover of outdoor TV provides year-round protection for your TV. It is equipped with UV-resistant waterproof glass to provide your outdoor TV with the best waterproof, dust-proof and insect-proof functions, and is suitable for a variety of flat-screen TVs and displays. This is a good all-in-one outdoor TV cover, with strong structure, durability, long life, excellent craftsmanship and beautiful design. The waterproof wire entrance at the back leaves enough space for any cables and wires, specially designed for outdoor use. design.

About the price

TVs designed for outdoor use are more than 5 times more expensive than ordinary TVs or you think  sunbrite TV are expensive. For many people, a better choice is a metal TV cover, which not only saves you a lot of money, but also does not lose your fun. At the same time, you can regard the TV protective shell as a kind of insurance. It is cheap and you can get a peace of mind. Water will not enter the inside of the TV, causing many maintenance and after-sales service problems.

About the use environment

Recklessly exposing the TV to the outside can reduce its lifespan to 6 or 7 months or less, even if it is under a balcony or patio shelter. Because moisture, dust, and insects will greatly reduce the lifespan of waterproof TV cover. For example, if you live in an arid area, where most of it is hot and dry, then the biggest challenge may be dirt, dust or fine sand. Or the area where you live is easily invaded by bugs, so you need something that can resist the bite of bugs. For areas with severe rain and snow, the focus should be on waterproofing and condensation. Protect your TV from the external environment, keep away from all kinds of pollution, and minimize the humidity. This is a wise choice for hot and dry summers and cold and humid winters.

About ordinary outdoor TV cover

Ordinary waterproof outdoor TV cover is just a dust cover with limited water and insect resistance. It is made of a microfiber cloth and polyester fabric. The advantage is that it is cheap, but the disadvantages are also very obvious. It is inconvenient to use and has no heat dissipation system. Not durable. One of the biggest enemies of fine electronic appliances is dust. Even if there is no extreme weather, the TV should be covered during use. At the same time, it contain sensitive electronic components. The best way to protect your TV is to buy a sturdy metal outdoor TV enclosures.

We have been producing outdoor TV enclosure since 2010, and we have produced more than tens of thousands of sets so far. Our products are what protects you. We are keen to make the best enclosure in the world. Your TV can operate normally outdoors for many years.

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