Outdoor TV enclosure Australia

Outdoor TV enclosure Australia

Free Shipping to Australia outdoor TV enclosure & cabinet. While it provides waterproof protection for your TV from rain, heat for flat screens in outdoor and harsh industrial environments. Also it is light weight, very nice, the most affordable and practical way to enjoy watching TV outdoors. At the same time, great value, great quality, cheap price.

 Outdoor TV Enclosure Australia

Take a look at the latest products of kinytech TV enclosures. Now, you do not cover the outside of your TVs,  with the rated ip56 for intrusion protection surge protection enclosure, easy to install. Just plug the TV into the internal case and it will work. The wired surge is protected and the grounded power supply allows installations with snapshots of various sizes.  Also the filtered airflow can protect the TV filter at the bottom of the housing, allowing cold air to be drawn in, but it will block out bugs, dirt, dust, salt.

We recommend upgrading the viewing window to an anti-reflective screen. Which reduces reflections by 50% and improves the daytime readability of any TV or screen.

Two types outdoor TV enclosure free shipping Australia

  1. DeerTV – This brand is famous for lightweight and compact enclosures that are best suited for residential use. Free Shipping, please order online. https://www.deertv.com
  2. Kinytech – It deals with the robust protective enclosures best fit for commercial and industrial use. Please download the datasheet then contact us.

China Manufacturer, Cheap Price & Free Fast Shipping By Fedex 3~7days!


Model Size Height Width Depth Window (WxH) Unit Order Online
OE-32L 32″ 630 895 125 810×405 mm Shop Now
OE-42L 42″ 761 1127 125 970×563 mm
OE-50L 50″ 890 1310 125 1150×695 mm
OE-55L 55″ 950 1420 125 1258×755 mm
OE-65L 65″ 1075 1640 125 1480×880 mm
OE-75L 75″ 1150 1850 125 1690×974 mm

Supports 99% TVs on the market

With an outdoor TV enclosure, equipped with shock-proof safety glass and a matte surface anti-reflection panel. Which supports TV sets of major brands, including LG, Samsung, Sony, etc. Advanced  integrated cooling system quickly quotes a complete outdoor entertainment sealed TV cover from Australia, also it is allow you to safely install a conventional TV outside.

 Outdoor TV Cabinet AustraliaLower acquisition costs and lower maintenance

Compared to dedicated outdoor TVs, the enclosure solution provides lower acquisition costs and lower maintenance / replacement costs. It is an ideal solution for venues that require super bright displays. And can be used in horizontal and vertical directions or indoors to protect media players and closed circuits network equipment and other after-sales equipment.

Easy to upgrade and never worry about it. This the cheapest TV case which you can buy from Australia, at the same time, the available size from 32 inches to 75 inches. You can improve any indoor TV living area. Regardless of the climate and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle from summer barbecues to winter super bowl parties. Perfectly compliments your outdoor fireplace, kitchen or spa. Includes the hotel-related businesses, bars, restaurants and resorts.

Get the cheap outdoor TVs from us. You know, the kinytech is design and engineers are the only television built specifically for outdoor in the world. These real, all-weather outdoor band LCD television provide excellent brightness while resisting the effects of rain, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures and ultraviolet light.

 Outdoor TV Australia

Kinytech one of the cheap outdoor TV Australia suppliers.

The Enclosure plus TVs total only spend $800, which it is also completely weatherproof, help you save much money.With all weather-rated double sealing systems to keep water, dirt and bugs and keep your TV safe. The outdoor TV for the people who designed and built the first waterproof TV choose the TV brand and technology. Now, choice the waterproof TV enclosures comply with safety standards all aluminum powder coating structure, durable, anti-reflective safety glass reduces glare and enhances contrast.

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