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why choose kinytech outdoor lcd display?

 The last mass medium remains the primary channel for delivering direct outdoor lcd display advertising to consumers as one of the outdoor. Disrupting outdoor advertising signage, no barging in, makes sure that the advanced instrumentation and insight campaigns are effective and accountable. High-profile, medium-sized outdoor advertising offers unparalleled scale. We know that the right campaign in the right place will provide an interest and engagement that cannot be achieved through other more targeted channels.

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Introduce all weather proof Television

Kinytech is launching a line of all-weather, high-definition outside TV's that promise to revolutionize the idea of outside entertaining.
without having compromising on quality. The corporation presents 32",42",55",65" designs with state-of-the-art engineering and security features and a best-in-industry guarantee. By skipping middlemen and big-box shops and selling immediate from its plant in South Carolina, KINYTECH assures merchandise excellent and fantastic customer support devoid of the mark-up found on competitors' products.

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Enjoy your outdoor & waterproof TV

Put style into your life with this superb digital TV for your home. Completely waterproof and meeting rigorous IP65 standards, this waterproof TV is available in black, silver or mirror finish to enhance your home and your life

Enjoy over fifty free to air digital TV channels and more than twenty five digital radio stations via the integrated digital TV tuner. Stations can be accessed through an elegant touch sensitive control panel or via a waterproof remote control.

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used outdoor screen & display

The used outdoor display. All our Re-furbished kinytech outdoor screens are tested & fully serviced & come with a full 1 Years RTB Warranty. We can supply the used screen but with new metal housing according your requirements and low price.

From time to time we receive Ex-Demonstrated, Ex-Display or Rented kinytech screens in various sizes.

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outdoor TV in USA

My name in Andy I'm the director her at CDK Solutions in USA. We are currently looking for a partner to deliver a new range of bathroom/ outdoor TV's to our customers and wondered if you could help us.

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