How to choose the outdoor TV enclosures?

How to choose the outdoor TV enclosures?

With the gradual reopening of the COVID-19 lock down, people can start participating in more and more outdoor activities, and outdoor TV entertainment is becoming more popular as a form of home entertainment or outdoor relaxation. But most TVs are not designed for outdoor use. Those designed for outdoor use tend to be very expensive and don’t perform very well.

Another option is to buy an indoor TV and install it in a outdoor TV enclosure to protect it from the effects and avoid putting yourself at risk. A few indoor TVs for outdoor use have been reviewed recently, and since none of the TVs in this review are designed for outdoor use, you have to be extra careful if you decide to use them outdoors. First the indoor TVs are made of plastic, rely on passive airflow for cooling, and have no protection against humidity, temperature changes, or other hazards. In fact, just sitting in direct sunlight for a few minutes can push a normal TV beyond safe operating temperature. It’s not just a TV that needs to be built for the weather.

So how to choose the outdoor TV enclosure?

The cheap TV enclosures are the simple function enclosure compare as of all ranges of weatherproof . To ensure low price, it is reduced some expensive functions than the high-end model enclosure, but it is enough for most home use. Such as the deerTV outdoor cabinet. Waterproof anti-UV power coating metal housing secure your TVs by using 2 x independent dual security locks and tempered protected panel.

Model Size Height Width Depth Window Height Window Width
OE-32S 32″ 620 880 120 390 800
OE-42S 42″ 730 1100 118 545 950
OE-50S 50″ 800 1220 128 700 1120
OE-55S 55″ 825 1335 135 725 1225
OE-65S 65″ 955 1530 135 830 1400

 Cheap outdoor TV enclosure

Cheap outdoor TV solution.

If you have an old flat-screen TV, use an old one-screen TV, and if not, even our full outdoor TV kit costs less than $300. You can live an American life and enjoy TV outdoors without damaging the bank or affecting the wind or safety. So if you want to watch the New Year’s countdown at a family gathering display, or simply have a beer at home and watch the game play, we’ll televise it for you. Compare the kinytech standard type and high-end type TV enclosure.

Item Standard Type High-end Type
Glass Normal glass Anti-reflective tempered glass
Fans 1~2pcs cooling fan 2~6pcs cooling fan
Cooling system No cooling control system Automatic control cooling system
Mount system TV Thickness can not adjust Can adjust the thickness the according to the TV
Power Board No With power board(strip)
Structure Normal metal design Very strong metal design
Package Normal package Very strong carton box


 outdoor TV enclosure

Less expensive

They give a financially savvy answer for outdoor TVs and enclosure, compares to far lower than the cost of a costly outdoor screen.

The improvement of the level board TV a little more than 10 years prior has led to an entire host of different purposes for LCD and TVs other than a home diversion.  Furthermore, advanced outdoor TV isn’t the primary motivation behind why people need to take a TV outside. An ever-increasing number of people wish to have a TV in the backyard, poolside, adjacent to the grill or on the deck to watch their TV shows and games outdoors. Not simply householders either, bars and bars find that by putting a TV outdoors, particularly in regions impacted by indoor smoking boycotts, incomes increase as people are more ready to remain longer.

The greatest obstacle in setting a TV outdoors is regular cost. A few notable names fabricate outdoor TVs; however, they cost a fortune contrasted with ordinary TV. While this speculation might get a return for an outdoor computerized TV, it tends to be too steep a cost for householders and entrepreneurs. Luckily, there are less expensive and more straightforward approaches to putting a TV outside. The mystery is to utilize standard gear, whether an LCD or and spot it in a defensive TV Enclosure.

Match most of the TV and Screen Size

It gives all the outdoor assurance expected to run a TV outside, from the waterproofing to the temperature control. When encased, the inner climatic frameworks (cooling fans and once in a while radiator for freezing areas) keep the screen working at the ideal producer’s reach.

House both business and purchaser grade screens permitting you to source anything screen that suits your necessities.Outdoor can be more costly, in any case, than indoor missions, principally given the significant expense of safeguarding the screen. Whether for outdoor computerized signage, an outer data screen, or an outdoor TV in a bar, bar or another relaxation area. The incredible benefit of utilizing an enclosure is that kept shielded from the components, saving a fortune in putting resources into an outdoor screen.

It give all the essential insurance to permit these standard gadgets to be taken outdoors and the fact that they are waterproof, keeping precipitation and other climate components from getting inside the enclosure and getting at the TV.

Extensive technique for TV and screens.

Temperature also can be an incapacitating element for an outdoor TVs. If the surrounding temperature increases too high, the net can overheat, causing disappointment. At the same time, TVs can fall flat, if temperature decreases under nothing and the two limits of temperature. That implies that both limits of temperature should be safeguarded against. Which are frequently thermostatically controlled, turning on when the temperature requires it. This permits standard screens to be utilized throughout the entire year inside the enclosure. Make them influential in the freezing temperatures in the colder time of year.

 outdoor TV Case

It’s about time to get rid of the humidity and gloom in winter and go enjoy the summer sunshine, the breeze and the nature. The new game season’s getting started, go have a good time at the bars or watch your favorite game show at home, but how can we do both at the same time? With TV enclosure, a high-end audio visual product, now you can enjoy your TV program outdoor.

Considering the special outdoor environment

The design of outdoor TV box add special anti-reflective glass on the TV panel, so when there’s direct sunlight on the TV, there won’t be strong reflection on the TV screen, and you can enjoy the program outside under the sunlight. Kinytech outdoor TV’s special designed anti-theft installation bracket makes it possible to put the TV outside with no safety concerns. Unique anti-theft bracket installation bracket outdoor TV stands than other TVs when it comes to outdoor performance.

There exists minor hotter in house trends at this time than outdoor kitchens. Now, how about adding an outdoor TV? As well as the like devote exhibits to them. Dwelling and garden writers and bloggers drool over them. Celebrities and way of life mavens are putting in them. Residence exhibits characteristic lavish exhibits of them.

Protect LCD displays in outdoor or harsh locations.

They guard against theft, vandalism, water, dust, and harsh temperatures. The outdoor TV enclosures are an easy, flexible, and affordable way to install outdoor digital signage.It is now commonly used for advertising, marketing, security and many other purposes as part of the emerging digital advertising and industry.

Why people like waterproof TV case?

Do you have waterproof TV case for outdoor use?  Rain & snow protection, Dust protection, Direct sunlight, high temperatures. Their buyers enjoy the outdoor TV, individuals know excellent and count on it, particularly when they’re out possessing a very good time and investing a great deal of revenue. People today really like the outdoor TV due to the high price, so the water TV case should be the right solutions. outdoor TV box

Waterproof TV case with cheap price.

How much is the waterproof TV enclosure? Can you also give me a price TV enclosure to please. The 43” TV enclosures for Samsung LED TVs is must cheap, aboutn $200. A lot of customer are interested in purchasing Waterproof LCD & Plasma Enclosure. Product regularly and bought in 2022 bought about 100 units away.

Why not bring your indoor TV outside directly?

The first reason, I think, is security and cheap price. Indoor TVs have ventilation holes in the housing so heat generated through the electronics inside can escape before causing significant damage to the electronic circuits. When placed outdoors, these essential vents provide an easy passage for moisture, insects, dust and grime. Going into these aspects of the TV will cause a brief electrical circuit to the electronic device, and more terrifyingly, it could lead to a fatal electrocution for you or your loved one. The potentially lethal combination of moisture, electronics and high power cannot be underestimated.

What if I put tape on the holes of the TV to prevent the penetration of moisture, insects, dust and dirt? You can, but it’s a really bad concept! If you close the indoor TV’s vents, the TV will instantly self-destruct from the higher internally captured heat generated by its electronics. This heat problem is even compounded by the fact that nearly all indoor TVs are black these days, as black absorbs much more heat than other colors. High temperatures can quickly lead to premature use of electronic circuit boards.

Anti-reflective acrylic / glass is most important

If you’ve ever tried watching TV in a sunny space, you’ll realize how bright sunlight can affect your viewing experience. Most indoor TV screens really don’t have a really good anti-glare display coating that can improve your outdoor viewing knowledge. Its exposure to UV rays increases dramatically. During the injection molding process, we added to the composite resin to prevent future deterioration due to UV light. This function is indeed a very expensive ingredient in cake mixes for injection molding resins. So, for obvious economic motives, anti-reflective TV enclosures that were intended to be placed outside.
 Inexpensive outdoor TV enclosure

5 years warranty time & save money

We inspect the inside of the outdoor TV case for any long-term damage and test all the way down to the component level. Any repairs that require attention are done there. Of course includes fan heating and cooling systems.
We then re-seal the waterproof enclosure using a special premium material to ensure they are completely weatherproof. This is a technique because making it completely weatherproof is no mean feat, after all it has to withstand all the global weather.

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