Outdoor display enclosure solution for commercial

Outdoor display enclosure solution for commercial

Professional outdoor display enclosure solutions

Dust proof bus station outdoor display solutions advertising monitor. Kinytech have been entrusted with research, development and production of advertisement monitor of outdoor LCD for 8 years. Intelligent bus stop outdoor LCD advertising display kiosks contribute to people’s lives. It can show traffic information, weather, etc. Etc. It can also work as inquiry machine. In addition, you can advertise. Theme park interactive outdoor liquid crystal display advertising player solution park is a good place to deliver advertisement has rich outdoor advertising manufacturing experience player.

Active heating and cooling

built-in cooling fans, or even small heaters to be exact. Which are used to keep the interior cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Every seam, screw hole and crevice on the outside of the TV is glued, caulked or grommets and filters to keep unwanted material out. Then there’s the issue of the sun. It have to compete with the power of the sun, and they use anti-glare paint, specialized filters, above-average screen brightness and even automatic picture adjustments to match the automatic picture adjustments when the sun goes down.

The display enclosure that provide ultimate outside protection from everything including best indoor monitor reach waterproof protective solutions

It protect TV and display, with tempered glass for protection all weatherproof and dust proof. Outdoor display enclosures has a 3-year replacement guarantee. The enclosure is not only strong but it has some very convenient features. Aside from the positive consumer feedback, the company also offers great customer support.have topped our list today, with a monitor cabinet that has over 90% of 5-star ratings.

Manufactured with the strong steel , security and wildlife protection

Whether the concern is potential theft or little critters like insects chewing on wiring, enclosures provide enhanced protection. Not all outdoor display enclosures provide the same level of security, but the best offer metal chambered and keyed locks. From bugs burrowing inside of, electronic components, to pests nesting on units, many creatures pose a threat to TVs placed outside.

outdoor display enclosuret double seal system keeps water, dirt, and bugs out, and keeps your TV safe. Rated IP56 for protection.Not only repel water, but also are heatproof, cold proof, snow proof, and shockproof.

  • Dirt and dust resistant enclosure protects the TV
  • Surge protected power means no nasty shocks
  • Shock-proof safety glass protect the screen
  • Two Locks to allow locking to prevent theft and tampering.

Outdoor monitor providing the ultimate in protection for a small cost, the Patent Pending TV Enclosure is an attractive design which gives you piece of mind in knowing that your expensive investment is safe. Installing the Standard television outside would result in voided warranty and serious safety risks. ‘the regular television designs are not engineered to withstand great variations in temperature, moisture, dirt or any impact . Stronger metal housing that is built to withstand long term sun and outdoor environments. Two marine vents that allow venting of the unit and TV, but protection from rain.

Outdoor touchscreen enclosure for commercial

Sealed to NEMA 4X, IP 65. We can also provide custom stainless steel housings for food applications. Outdoor touch enclosure for travel business. Many customers want to install outdoor display in city bus station, tourist attraction tickets and information, equipped with oil touch display, bank car reader, windows system and printer for printing receipts. Our outdoor touch enclosure has these functions. At the same time outdoor Optical Bonding and Anti-Reflection Functionality Optical bonding together adds a layer of toughness to the drill glass for greater shock and vibration resistance while eliminating the possibility of condensation or dirt between the drill glass and the alphanumeric display surface. Our high-brightness alphanumeric displays use a blend of optical sweetening technology to improve clarity and clarity

 Waterproof touch enclosure

Waterproof touch screen display application

    • food manufacturing
    • Pharmaceutical applications
    • medical application
    • laboratory application
    • flush environment

We recently opened a new enclosure that focuses on shop windows, cafes and bistros. If you need a complete display, currently we can provide up to 100″ outdoor LCD display. Completely design, develop and produce by ourselves, please contact us for a technical specification or manual about 100″ . The commercial display enclosure is ideal for pubs and clubs, digital signage, train and bus stations,leisure clubs eg, golf clubs,swimming pool areas, stadiums wildlife parks,hotels and hospitality, advertising command and control unit. They come in various designs and can be used in a number of different applications.

The weatherproof display touch enclosure ornament for out of doors living brand.

Outdoor touch screen enclosure could be a weatherproof, secure and sturdy out of doors bit screen show. we’ve combined the waterproof touch enclosure defend professional enclosure and IP-65 rated waterproof touch frame to supply the most effective answer for out of doors bit screen desires.

That includes extraordinarily robust metal housing that encases the LCD display and a high strength shatter-resistant anti-glare glass acrylic front defend, this innovative water resistant interactive show answer eliminates the danger of getting to interchange an upscale out of doors touch screen LCD display or digital sign if the screen breaks.

The outdoor LCD enclosure is designed for for commercial use as outdoor advertising

3 different types outdoor display enclosure for business.

  • Landscape type, available for LCD sizes: 32″,42″,50″,55″,65″,72″.
  • Portrait type,available for LCD sizes: 42″, 50″ & 55″
  • Floor standing type, available for LCD sizes: 42″, 47″ & 55″

All of them designed for commercial use, with the stronger cooling system than the normal outdoor TV enclosure and you can install the high brightness high temperature LCD displays.

  1. Weatherproof Outdoor design,anti-reflective and safety glass in daytime.
  2. Thermostatically control keeps the display/TV working on right temperatures.
  3. Double Corrosion Protection: Galvanized & Powder Covered Steel body.
  4. Plug & Play design, makes installation quite simple.
  5. Cable pass-through enables you connect everything to the display/TV very easily.
  6. Adjustable internal mount enables you adjust for depth from the display/TV.

Horizontal enclosureoutdoor digital signage enclosure

Model Size Height Width Depth Window (WxH) Unit Catalogue
OE-32L 32″ 630 895 125 810×405 mm Download
OE-42L 42″ 761 1127 125 970×563 mm
OE-50L 50″ 890 1310 125 1150×695 mm
OE-55L 55″ 950 1420 125 1258×755 mm
OE-65L 65″ 1075 1640 125 1480×880 mm
OE-75L 75″ 1150 1850 125 1690×974 mm

Portrait enclosure

Model Size Height Width Depth Window (WxH) Unit Catalogue
OE-42P 42″ 1150 760 190 970×563 mm Download
OE-50P 50″ 1335 850 190 1045×660 mm
OE-55P 55″ 1430 930 190 1258×730 mm
OE-65P 65″ 1660 1035 190 1470×845 mm

Floor standing enclosure

Model Size Height Width Depth Window (WxH) Unit Catalogue
OE-42F 42″ 2000 760 190 970×536 mm Download
OE-55F 55″ 2000 980 190 1258×730 mm
OE-65F 65″ 2000 1035 190 1470×845 mm

digital signage enclosure

The outdoor display protection enclosure defend could be a commercial type enclosure that comes customary with security screws used all the method round the Poly carbonate defend. It can not be opened simply nor propped open like TV show enclosure. this is often excellent for those that shall place the TV or show in and leave it closed, sealed and secure in the slightest degree times.

Universal mounting and smart cooling

The outdoor monitor enclosure is factory-made with per-measured and marked divot systems, during which you’ll drill out the rear of the unit in per-molded divots to suit your mount and configuration, it not solely lets our unfinished, it defend be universal, however conjointly permits the minimum of holes or wetness entry points, mistreatment the provided directions.

The thermostatically controlled to show it on and off, the thermostatically temperature sensor system support automatic control the display fans working.

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